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About Bequia
Bequia is the largest of the St.Vincent Grenadine islands and is about 7 square miles. Known for its fabulous beaches and laid back atmosphere, it is the perfect place to relax and unwind. The rest of the Grenadines are within easy reach and are worth a visit.
Beautiful beaches, breathtaking views, laid back atmosphere, attractive harbors frequented by visiting yachtsmen, these are just a few of the natural delights in Bequia. Great Diving sites for the enthusiast.
Although the island is small, there are several attractive small hotels and guest house. Many diving sites exist e.g a visit to the wreck of the Lireco shows how all sorts of marine life exists there. Hire a taxi and let them take you on a round the island tour.Relax on the many beaches, visit the whale museum. Explore the island on foot, see the coconut plantation at Hope Bay and 200 old sugar plantation at Spring Bay. Be sure to look for the model boats which are made by the islanders and offered for sale at the various craft stores. The small island offers a variety of activities.
French and British fought over the island for over 200 years in the 17th and 18th century, finally became a part of St.Vincent in 1762 and in 1763 they both were seceded to Britain. Many English settlers came to the island and sugar cane was grown using slave labor. One of the best known settlers were the Wallace family who were from Scotland and founded the whaling industry.

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