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About St. Vincent and The Grenadines
St.Vincent offers a variety of experiences for the traveller---hiking, nature trails and expeditions to many of the beautiful unspoilt areas, diving , beaches and, if time permit, a visit to the neighbouring Grenadine islands is well worthwhile. For the less adventurous, the capital of Kingstown with its famous Botanic Gardens as well as other areas of historic interest such as Ft.Charlotte offers the visitor a chance to get a birds eye view of the history of the island and enjoy the shopping offered.
St.Vincent has much natural beauty. The majestic Soufriere Volcano in the North of the island , the many waterfalls and nature trails to the magnificent forested areas are but a few of the attractions which beckon the nature lover. The Owia Salt Pond-a huge bathing pool surrounding by lava peaks and ridges, is worth a visit. The famous Falls of Baleine, another attraction. Below the sea there is a real opportunity for the diver to explore and enjoy. St.Vincent is the jumping off point for visits to the Grenadines and attracts many yachts to its shores. The Botanic Gardens in Kingstown is one of the best in the world. Famous for its parrots, birdwatching is also popular
Diving, Yachting, trips to the other Grenadine islands. Exploring the unspoilt country side preferably by organised tour groups with hardy vehicles. The capital Kingstown has many beautiful churches and cathedrals, in fact the main Methodist, Anglican and Roman Catholic churches are within walking distance from each other.The famous Botanical Gardens, Fort Charlotte overlooking the Kingston Harbor are within easy reach. A visit to neighbouring Young Island some yards off shore St.Vincent shores is suggested. Eco-adventures are recommended.
The Caribs originally called the island "Hairoun" Land of the Blessed.Like most of the other West Indian islands St.Vincent was first occupied by the Ciboney from S.America. Later the peaceful Arawaks found their way to St.Vincent as well as the Caribs who were of a warlike nature and played in great part in the history of early St.Vincent. Because of their resistance St.Vincent was not colonised very early by the Europeans. In 1635 African slaves arrived in St.Vincent and merged with the Caribs. Known as the Black Caribs they took the side of the French rather than the British and were involved in the struggles between the two. In 1795 there was the Second Carib War and there the exploits of Chatoyer made him a hero, he was eventually killed but a monument to his memory remains on Dorchester Hill. Forts such as Fort Charlotte remain also, a remainder of the struggles of the past. St.Vincent became independent in October 1979.

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